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The Worship through Song Project centers around three primary focal points where Scripture saturated & doctrinally grounded songs of truth to our Savior are so vital.

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'..speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.' (Ephesians 5:19a)

Singing is not restricted to church or the shower. Husbands & fathers, we must teach our families Scripture saturated songs of truth & hope. Leading our families in this way gives them (and us) a priceless defense in times of trials, accurate words of praise in times of joy, and Biblical truths that these traditional & modern hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs can plant deep in their hearts.



'..singing and making melody with your heart to the Lord.' (Ephesians 5:19b)

Worship through song is a vital aspect, not a suggestion, for our regular gathering together as a church family. Songs of truth that are rich in theology and exalt Christ above all things unify the assembly and glorify our Lord. As such, we must never take lightly the content of what we teach & preach through song to one another. When we sing corrupted, careless, or meaningless lyrics in our worship with the saints, we profane the name of God.

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Seeking solid, Biblical, & theologically sound music for your church? 
As part of our commitment to serving the local church's needs, The Worship through Song project offers helps in choosing Scripture saturated music while avoiding doctrinally deficient & extra-Biblical praise choruses. Song categories to choose from include Core Congregational Songs, Christian Response, Songs of Lament, & Songs of Truth & Creed, and more.

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The Worship through Song Project was founded out of a journey in 'lyrical discernment'. Rather than an assumed genre preference or an 'old vs. new' style war, the project is founded solely on Scripture and its calls for how believers should sing. Many old & new songs of all instrumentations are fundamentally flawed in their theology and many old & new songs are Biblically grounded with the truths of God.


The Worship through Song Project is dedicated to the glory of God, specifically the Scriptural command to sing both of and to Him in times of joy & times of sorrow. Only in the singing through ancient, traditional, and modern hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs to the Lord is this call for the Christian fulfilled (Col. 3:16, Eph. 5:19).


The Worship through Song Project was created, not as a tirade against songs of a certain arrangement, sound, decade, or style, but rather as a result of a journey in lyrical discernment and an acute realization of what the Christian music industry has become.

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