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We can't get enough of these...

Sometimes we just get stuck on repeat. The lyrical truth, arrangement, and sincerity of the songs minister to our souls over and over again and come back to our minds in times of distress, joy, sorrow, or encouragement in words of praise to our great God. Here are the ones we've been listening to that we want to share with you.

Lord From Sorrows Deep I Call

Songs of lament are a key aspect of the believer's singing habits and Matt Papa & Matt Boswell's song truly takes this seriously. Based on Psalm 42, this song of lament strikes chords in the hearts of those enduring hardship, trials, and loss.
'When all I possess is grief, God be then my treasure!'
It is seldom the default response in times of trials to immediately rise up and praise the Lord. This song reminds us very acutely that we must take our thoughts captive and tell our souls to praise Him even if our spirits do not feel the least bit inclined to.


Enfield (also known as The Enfield Hymn Sessions) was formed through the Resolved conferences hosted by Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California and produced 6 albums, all of which are filled with Gospel saturated songs of truth ranging from renditions of timeless hymns to new compositions by one of the band's songwriters, Ryan Foglesong. Anchored is an original composition and is grounded in the truths of Christian theology with lyrics such as, 'No man nor angel can keep me from Him. My hope in Heaven is steadfast and firm. Though trials and suffering come, death cannot win. So we live in light of our great King's return.' This is an excellent choice for new music in your local congregation and materials can be found here through Grace Music.

A Christian's Daily Prayer

Sovereign Grace Music has been writing solid & Biblical Christian music for years and this modern hymn is no exception. Truly written in the form of a prayer, these lyrics point the believer to Christ in thought and attitude with words of truth such as, 'O gracious God, my source of strength, in You I live and breathe. Each hour is Yours by wisdom planned, each deed empowered by sovereign hands. Renew my spirit, help me stand; be glorified today!'

O Give Thanks

This new modern hymn by Matt Boswell & Matt Papa through the Getty Music collective is perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday as well as around the year. Overt truths such as 'To the giver of all, give thanks' & 'How He carried the cross to make us daughters and sons' are spiced throughout the stanzas. Echoing such desires of the believer for purity and holy living, sentiments like 'purge our pride with your kindness' are heard throughout the song while the refrain reminds us to give our God thanks in all things.

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