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The Worship through Song Project is committed to assisting the local church with Scripture saturated songs of truth that are rich in theology and Christ exalting lyrics. To this end, we have made available an ever growing resource: The Modern Hymnbook. This resource is still in the early stages but an extensive Spotify playlist has been created on Spotify as well as an XML database of music with category references (available upon request).The Worship through Song project also provides help and support in creating church set lists on Spotify for the congregation to listen, learn, and sing throughout the week. Please contact us for more on this.

Church Resources: Compositions
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Listen, Learn, and Sing!

Teach your family the songs of truth & hope. This dynamic playlist was designed for families in mind but can be used by anyone seeking to intentionally learn new songs each month. Features songs that are rich in theology, accentuate Biblical truths, & exalt Christ.

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