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Scriptures, quotes, and lyrics from songs of truth designed by Compass Design Studios and suitable for wallpaper on your smart display, TV, Chromecast, PC, or other device.



Inspired by Keith & Kristyn Getty's family hymn sing and routines, the Worship through Song project has created a unique list of 4 songs which change each month. Intended to be used as a supplement for family devotions, each song is filled with Biblical truths and easy to sing for all ages. Each month usually contains a mix of old and new releases of traditional and modern hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs. November and December are filled with music of thanksgiving to God as well as carols and songs of the Christmas season. Founder of the project, Ben Ditzel, and his family learn and sing a song each night for a week and have found this routine to be a priceless time of family worship together.

Autumn Road


With a site devoted to music such as Worship through Song, there needs to be something to listen to! We've put together a growing list of some of our favorites (in the form of YouTube music videos) coupled with a brief write-up about the song and why it is an example of true worship through song.

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