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The Worship through Song Project is:

  • founded solely to glorify God through sincere & edifying worship to Him.

  • committed to songs that are worth singing to our Holy, living, Sovereign, and unchanging Lord: Scripture saturated, Gospel centered, rich in theology, and sound in doctrine.

  • convinced that Scripture teaches the necessity of singing and therefore, followers of Christ are to sing to the Lord regardless of musical talent or inclination.

  • a believer in 2 Timothy 3:16 and therefore understands that believers are to sing various types of music to God: psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.

  • dedicated to furthering songs that encompass the Psalms, as well as traditional, modern, and ancient hymns, and any song that is spiritually edifying and glorifying to our omnipotent God.

  • committed to warning of those artists and songs that are deficient in Scripture, void of the Gospel, lacking in theology, and false in doctrine.

  • constantly revising and updating content as well as removing and adding artists & songs based on ever changing positions and doctrinal stances while working hard to ensure all material is useful, instructive, and filled with truth.

  • grounded in Scripture alone and can be described as non-confessionally reformed & 5-point Calvinist in theology. 

The Worship through Song Project is not:

  • a self-glorifying movement dedicated to decrying all music before or after a certain date.

  • a platform dedicated to the promotion of certain ministries or artists regardless of the content they produce.

  • a passive media outlet for background jams without a thought given to the lyrical content of the curations.

  • a 'hymns only; all else is evil' site, a 'contemporary only; all else is outdated' site, or a 'psalms only; all else is unbiblical' site.

  • focused solely on a certain musical style

  • afraid to remove materials from sources that have become apostate, become misguided & misleading, or taken an un-Scriptural trajectory. See Our Process & The Gravity of Song Selection.

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