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What's It All About?

No, this is not about the 1967 song to Alfie, nor is it about reindeer, giving hearts away the very next day,… or even a ’54 convertible. I want to take just a moment to talk about Christmas; that one time of year when you can walk into some big stores and still hear solid truths being loudly proclaimed in song through the store’s speaker system.

No, we know Christmas Day isn’t the day Christ was born (for one thing, December is cold in Israel also, no outdoor shepherding).

But, despite the wrong time of year coupled with some flawed traditions and habits; whatever the day’s roots & no matter it’s history, Christmas is now a day on which believers come together, just as they do year-round, to reflect and give thanks to God for the gift of His Son, our Saviour. It is also a time when many are potentially more receptive to the truth of the Gospel making this time of year a wonderful opportunity to share the truth (Matthew 28)!

Now, perhaps this day was originally designated as an observance to honour a Syrian sun-god. But we don’t and I’d just be hubristic to state that Christians who observe Christmas are engaging in pagan worship. We also use the standard (pagan) names for the months and days of the week, right? What helped me as I struggled with this a few years ago is 1 Cor. 5:10.

Our focus is on our Saviourat this time and all times! He is the reason for all seasons! We know that for the Bible believing Christian, the focus is not on some calendar date that coincides with countless other events; the focus is that the ‘Word was made flesh’ & that we who are humanity may be redeemed by the coming, death, and resurrection of Jesus!

May we avoid the temptation to turn the celebration associated with this season into consumerism, greed, tradition, or conflict. And when we expunge those distractions, we may just find that (shining through any back-story) the greater opportunity to demonstrate Biblical love by sharing the Good News of Christ overwhelmingly redeems the roots of the day that has come to be associated with Jesus’ birth.

‘Go spread the news of Emmanuel

Joy and peace for the weary heart

Lift up your heads for your King has come

Sing for the light overwhelms the dark

Glory shining for all to see

Hope alive let the gospel ring

God has made a way

He will have the praise

Tell the world his name is Jesus’

🎻 Sing We the Song of Emmanuel! 🎶

-Matt Boswell, Matt Papa, & Getty Music

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